Friday, May 18, 2012

Not one..not two..but three pairs of twinnies!

Hey hey I am again,writing a new busy lately..too many students to handle and too many things to do..Today's blog is all about my 3 pairs of twinnies namely Javi and Jaime,Adam and Addi and of course,my babies Quino and Chesi..Javi and Jaime has been my tutees since they were 5( now they're 11!)What made me stay for 6 long years?I really dont know..let me share how I got them..for me, it's destiny! I just finished my contract as a Trained BT,a good friend of mine texted me that a family is looking for a teacher..My friend,just got that job opportunity text from somebody he knows..since both were not available,they passed it on to me..luckily,I got the job and until now,I'm still with them :) love you boys! My next cutie patootie twinnies? My escudero twins,Chesi and Quino..i was supposed to reject the job offer because my schedule is full already..I'm not used to saying no to opportunities so instead of saying no,i told them that my free time is only in the morning(since most tutorials are in the afternoon). I thought thats it but to my surprise,the reply was "perfect" coz the dad was looking for a morning tutor..i don't have a choice but to accept it!at first,i didnt know that chesi and quino are chiz' twinnies..i almost fell off the bed when i knew that I'll be working with the good senator :) still, i considered meeting them as destiny! By the way,just incase cheez get to read this,i wanna say,thank you! Thank you for making my -- birthday special,thank you for inviting me to your province and I got the chance to ride a private plane! Thank you for inviting me to watch cirque de soleil with your family( not to mention,a VIP pass!) and of course,thank you for being nice to me.. :) Lastly, my Lim twinnies Adam and addi..I just met them this year..i dont know them that much yet..but they're sweet kiddos too! Maybe on my next blog,i can write more about them! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I wrote 3 new blogs but i can't seem to post it! What's wrong?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Move my boss

Perhaps,you're wondering why the spelling of cheez is wrong..well,i did it on a purpose; i don't want this particular blog to be searchable unlike my previous blog about the draybers,which i want everyone to read :) hopefully hahaha

Cheez, was my bet for the presidential election last year but he backed out for some reason. It maybe unknown to the public,but I know he just did the right thing..

To start of,cheez became my boss just this year( early january). I still remember the first time he interviewed me at Mario's tomas morato..i was so tensed that I could not look at him straight to his eyes..While he was asking questions,i answered him back with fleeting eye contact and of course with a nervous voice. He was a little strict then,maybe because he wants the best for his kids( i applied as tutor for his twins by the way). Luckily,I passed the interview and was accepted for the job.

The first four months of working with his twins was testing the water stage. Every after session,he always text me,asking how the kids were and what particular activities were done that day.I totally understand him coz I'm just a stranger at his home and i'm handling his most precious possessions- his twins :)

After that getting to know stage, i can say that I started feeling comfortable working with him and I discovered a lot about him..he is the simplest politician i know! Very down to earth,kind and not to mention- good looking...i can feel that i'm a spoiled teacher already.. :) enough for now..till my next post :) :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Not a classic rock band fanatic

As what the title says, I am not a classic rock band fanatic...not until I heard the Draybers played some classic rock music at Bar 360..Actually,it was my cousin who kept inviting us to watch the Draybers band at RW. To keep the story short, we gave in to his request. The moment they started playing their music,I was amazed with the voice of Mitoy,the vocalist! It was such a jaw dropper!(literally) :) My original plan of just listening to them for a few minutes only changed... I was sitting at the couch for like 2 hours..upto their last song of the night.. I was astonished on how the band can perform songs with different genres.From the hits of the 70's,80's and 90's down to the famous tagalog songs of aegis,sampaguita,imelda papin etc...what's more? There was no dull moments for the entire gig..After that night of November 13, we always make sure that every Sunday at exactly 8:00 pm,we are already at bar 360, waiting for our favorite band's turn on the stage! :) :) :) oh! By the way,we are not so fanatic of the Draybers band...aside from watching them every Sunday,we just bought cds..and shirts..hahaha!

Kudos to all the band members of the Draybers! Way to go guys! Hope to know you more next time! :) :) :)